2015 Koenigsegg One:1 Review – Driving and Not Cracking It

Everything was going fine from the start until the testers reached 150 miles per hour. Out of the blue, something happened they didn’t expect.

2015 Koenigsegg One

While just sitting at Koenigsegg One:1’s passenger seat as it began to attack the wet runway somewhere in between being chased by a wild bull and a skydive kind of feeling. But as it was demonstrated back at the factory, even with all such conditions that the experts were expecting when they tested the car back in Sweden, one of the fastest supercars in the world can be controlled, or so they say.

It has been raining the entire day and One:1 was struggling to put out its amazingly enormous power on the slick pavement wherein it formerly served as the test track for Koenigsegg. The engine was roaring while the car was sliding and squirming as its twin-turbocharged V8 came to a boost. Even when the stability control was switched on and was continuously working, it was struggling to find its grip. While it was running on regular pump gasoline, it means that it was producing 1161 horsepower. It can reach up to 1341 horsepower and 1011 pound-feet torque when it is fueled with the E85. Either way, which can be quite a twist to see compared to the rear Michelins can deliver through the wet tarmac. Taking a look at the instrument display, you can already see that the wheels will only stop spinning when it passes the 125 miles per hour mark. It is also the time when there was serious aerodynamic downforce that started to push the car back on the track.

Rear Image

After a couple of things that went on that couldn’t be remembered since they were of least concern, the experts were able to experience the full and brutal accelerating performance of this car.

Funny fact: According the the UK DVLA and DVLA test checker it is actually illegal to take your test in this car! If that doesn’t sure raw power then I don’t know what does!

There were more – that jarring suddenness wherein the car tries to snap sideways. Even though the runway was still going through the undiminished rate, it is coming through the passenger window. Taking a look at the cockpit showed how it is no longer part of the show. The one who drove the car during the test showed a face making it clear that they are going through an unscripted moment riding on a $2.8 million hypercar. He then holds up the slide briefly then it went through a sensation of shifting the momentum and the swinging back of the pendulum. There wasn’t enough different lock to match up on this one, wherein sideways turns into backward through the edge of the runway.

There were a lot of thoughts to ponder about with what happened during the test. First, experts were wondering if what would happen if they finished the upside down in a car that comes with scissor-hinged doors. Next, the ones keeping and maintaining the standards have slipped quite a little since the air force of Sweden have vacated the place around 12 years in the past. As the car was approaching the edge of the runway, it seems the whole place look more like putting up more stuff rather than space.

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