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Purchase Price

Before we even start we know this is going to be a high number. The current RRP of this car is £200,000. Which actually compared to the general hire price is good value. The issue is these cars are very rare. Even in your “local” Ferrari garage they will generally only have 1 on the showroom floor and none in the “back”. The reason is due to the sheer value of the car. But at £100,000 for a second hand model you can appreciate the huge value this car carries.

The Specifications

These specs are pretty much what we have come to expect from the Ferrari brand now. They mix control, power and style. The engine is a V8, generating a 570 brake horsepower. With a 0-60 time of 3.3 seconds and a quarter mile time of 11 seconds. That is some serious accelerations.

Ferrari 458 Spider Specs
Ferrari 458 Spider Specs


The interiors are what you would expect from the Italian giant. From the individuals who first brought the tanned leather interior they go back to their stylish roots with Italian leather mixed with the Ferrari logo red. The steering wheel alone costs £5,000 to replace and I dread to the think what the seats cost to clean, so maybe keep the kids and the dog out of this one.

Hire prices

The price to rent one of these beautiful cars is around £900 per 24 hour period. Approximately £1400 for a weekend and a staggering £2,500 for a week with this supercar. That is one expensive week for sure. These prices taken from the official Ferrari Hire website in the UK. Prices in Europe and North America may vary but generally will be roughly the same price per time.

ferrari-458-spiderThe Overview

One of the few cars there may be some value in purchasing over hiring. Most of the time on this site I preach you should only rent supercars and never ever own them as they are a highly depreciating asset. But this car seems to be the exception. It’s been on the market for the long time but the price isn’t coming down. This is the sign of a great car and one that won’t lose its value quite as quick as other Ferrari or supercar models. My main recommendation though is to simply get in the car by whatever means necessary. Experience this truly great supercar, and one of the best Ferrari’s ever created in the last 3 decades.

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