Lamborghini Huracan review. “How fast is the Lamborghini Huracan”


To give you an idea of how good this car really is, I think you should start by watching the below video, it’s a review by the team at fifth gear of the Huracan.

The Specs



The basic specs for the Lambo is right and the engine stats above, but these specs really don’t tell the whole story. I sound like a salesman for the car but the real story starts when you get into this beast, the interior is fine, smooth and stylish. And as always from the outside a Lamborghini is going to look gorgeous. Nowadays its more than just about the car its about how it makes you feel, and when you think about how a Lambo makes you feel, I think it just makes you smile, at 600BHP it makes you smile quickly too. Below are the models of the Huracan.

The models

There are 4 main models of Huracan. All of which are beautiful.

The first is the Huracan Coupe – This is the “basic” model with all the specs you see about. Image below.


The next on the list is the Huracan Spyder – Personally my favourite model of the 4 and the quickest on the list too.


Next up is the 3rd model of the Huracan series and that’s below, very similar but less “extreme” than the Spyder model if you ask me.


Finally we have the Lamborghini Huracan Avio. The special addition with a max speed over 200mph!


The Overview

So as you can see this car is not only beautiful inside and out, it is also very powerful, but all of this is what you would expect from any supercar, let alone one of the most successful supercar brands of all time. So what’s next? We need to look at the customer reviews, and for this we need you! The people who have tested this car, rented or even purchase one of the models. We are looking for people who can give us detailed reviews and be unbiased. We will be looking ourselves into a Lamborghini track day in the future, but until we have one lined up we need reviews!


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The first car we will be reviewing is the Lamborghini Huracan in about 3 days time…. We look forward to seeing you.

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